This is Black Jack, the newest addition to our family. We adopted him from the Kona Humane Society. They must have had his papers mixed up, because they told us he was housebroken and got along well with farm animals. When we got him home he peed on the coffee table, and the first time he saw a horse, he launched himself out of the moving car window -- Todd shocked himself on an electic fence getting him back.

Jack didn't understand "petting", at first, and froze stiff whenever we executed this move. His frenzied reaction to cats kept Cinder in the loft for almost two years -- but we're all good now. We don't suppose Jack will ever chase a ball (rather than duck) when we throw one, but for the most part he has come to resemble a normal dog. One day he may even come when he is called.

Jack has always had a very take-it-or-leave-it attitude about food, which he is demonstrating in the picture above, with the delectable pork chop bones.

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