This is Olivia Kailani. Olivia is a classic example of the "whole" being greater than the sum of the parts (the "parts" being her parents).

Olivia is a very social person. We started the vacation rental business in order to maintain a supply of people for her to talk to.

Olivia refuses to run, but can occasionally be coaxed onto her pink flowered mountain bike with training wheels. When this happens, we all go for a run/bike/rollerblade around Volcano Village.

Update on Olivia: Wow, I guess we've been in the business for a while now, if this is the updated Olivia. Olivia still doesn't run, but she's off the training wheels.

Next update on Olivia: Yes, it's been another few years now. Olivia actually ran cross-country for her freshman year of high school, but then gave it up. She's a junior now and doesn't talk non-stop the way she used to -- we kind of miss it.

Olivia got this hat from Rose, at the Volcano Farmer's Market, where Olivia is also selling coffee on Sunday mornings.

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