This is Jillian. She is our webmeister.

When Jillian's not having fun, she's working as a software engineer for Science & Technology International, who is nice enough to let her telecommute from the house.

Jillian runs and bikes in order to make use of Todd's hand-me-down mountain bikes and the sports shoes that he presents to her on special occasions.

This is Jillian updated. She's alot older now, but if you choose the picture carefully, it's not too bad. She's wearing her "happy hat". You can get one of these too if you go to the Volcano farmer's market on Sunday mornings (from 7-9am) and look for Rose.

The small company Jillian was working for was purchased by BAE Systems, but Jillian is still allowed to telecommute from the house. That's lucky!

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