Olivia's College Fund Coffee

We have a small coffee orchard on the lower slopes of Mauna Kea, at the 1200 foot elevation, along Hawaii's Hamakua coast. Here the air is clear and fresh, and the Arabica Typica plants are untainted by the volcanic fog that blows into Kona.

Todd tends the plants, and Olivia mows the field, and together they pick the ripe coffee cherry. They pulp the cherry with a hand-crank machine that Todd found second-hand on Craig's list, then put the beans into buckets of water to ferment, discarding the 'floaters'. After a day, Todd removes the beans to a couple of screen racks that he built for the purpose, and sets them in the sun to dry. When the beans are in a dry parchment state, Todd takes them to the Hilo Coffee Mill, just north of Volcano, to be hulled and roasted.

In Volcano, Jillian prints the coffee labels that are personally designed and illustrated by Olivia, and adheres them to the coffee packs. She weighs the freshly roasted beans on a gram scale, scoops them into the packs, and irons them shut.

On Sunday mornings, Olivia sells the coffee at Volcano Farmers' Market, where you can buy a half-pound pack for $10. All the money we receive from the sale of the coffee goes into Olivia's college fund, to help with the high cost of her college years. If you'd like to try Olivia's College Fund Coffee and can't make it to market, you can email todd@volcanovillage.net and ask to have some sent to you, with payment options through PayPal or via personal check. Each 8oz bag is $10, and Priority Mail shipping costs (within USA) are 1 bag: $5.80, 2-9 bags: $12.35. We'll need to know how many bags, whole bean or ground, French or City roast.

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