Comments from Oma's guest book:
We especially enjoyed such a cozy, beautiful "home away from home" to retire to after a day spent viewing and exploring such alien, disturbing and powerful terrain at Volcanoes National Park. This area is home to many talented artists -- and your house, with its lovely, special appointments, reflects that spirit. - Brooklyn, New York
Enjoyed the close proximity to the park - wonderful hikes - and even saw the lava flow!! My son was correct in saying that this has probably been the best place we have ever stayed on vacation. - St. Helena, California
I love this place! It's hidden away in a wild and wonderful garden. I love the "rainforest" loft and waking up to the beautiful outdoor sights and sounds. It also felt great to come back after a long day of exploration and to be able to relax in complete comfort and peace. My only complaint is that I can't stay longer!
Traveled a lot of countries, but can't remember staying in such a cozy home. So actually missed a lot of hikes and trails, cause don't wanna leave this place. - Munich, Germany
We loved living here the past 6 days -- a charming homey hideaway. Sarah loved all the toys and kid stuff. This was our favorite of all the places we've stayed on the island, including 3 previous visits. - Portland, Oregon
Thank you so much for the use of the house - it's perfect! We've stayed in 4 places on 3 islands - this is the only one that not only meets but far exceeds what was written on the website! All the others were really quite misleading -- so was this one, but in a GREAT way! - Droms, Pennsylvania
We had a great time here. A good base to explore from - we counted 5 climatic zones in a 20 mile radius. - Heidecke, Germany
Oma's Hapu'u Hideaway and the Volcanoes National Park have been the high point of our two weeks in the Islands! Our complements to you and Oma for such a special and enjoyable place. - Vienna, Virginia
If there is anything we must mention about this wonderful home, it's got to be the beds. Thank you for a good night's sleep.
Such a wonderful place and truly a home away from home. This is my first time on the Big Island and I'm reeling from all of the volcanic activity. We are all very impressed with the home. If I ever get married again, this will be where I would take my bride. - Minnesota
I'm sad that we must leave after just two days - this lovely peaceful spot will stay in my memory forever. The comfort of the "hideaway" could not be surpassed. - Leawood, Kansas
We've stayed in B&B's in Volcano since 1986, when there were just a handful of these establishments in the village. Oma's Hapu'u Hideaway is by far the best we've tried! Quiet, clean and very classy. - Westminster, Colorado
Thank you for opening such a wonderful home for people away from home. The pictures on the web do nothing for the beauty of your hideaway. The only thing we would change is to bring it closer to home. - Belvidere, Illinois
This little house is wonderful. I could live here and be very happy. The decorations are wonderfully entertaining and beautiful. - Sacramento, California
It was a lovely feeling, living in one of the cutest houses we have ever had, with its lovely decorations and all the comforts required - but in the midst of a beautiful jungle! Thank you! The sights, expecially those volcanoes, were out of this world! - Bonn, Germany
We have traveled from Barrow Alaska to Southpoint Hawaii seeing many wonderful things and staying in many unique places, and yours ranks among the very best. We will take home many memories of the birds singing at sunrise, the beautiful flowers, the interesting decorations and every convenience we could anticipate. - Pennsylvania
How to improve upon perfection? There's nowhere better to stay on the island. Hiked to the lava flows today, incredible witnessing creation. A lifetime of free advertising will come from the stories we will tell family and friends. - Houston, Texas
Thank you Lord for this beautiful island, thank you Madam Pele for your creation, thank you Todd for this place. - Honolulu, Hawaii
What a magic surprise this place is! So peaceful. Very hard to leave. Thank you. - White Salmon, Washington
What a treat this has been for our family. Nature definitely revives the whole body and spirit. Thank you for having a place such as "Oma's" that we can enjoy, if but for a short moment. We'll not forget the peaceful, quite solitude of night and being awakened by the birds chirping in the morning. We loved your wonderful decorations and the log gas heater that was a god-send on cold days and evenings. - Oahu, Hawaii
Comments from Maid's Quarters guest book:
This place is great. We wished we lived here. We can honestly say we've never stayed in a place as cute and quaint as this. - Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
What can we say! This has been a most memorable part of our vacation. Thanks for your suggestions and friendliness. "The Maids Quarters" is truly one of the most beautiful, romantic & relaxing settings that we have had the privilege to enjoy. - Paris, France
We really enjoyed staying in the Maid's Quarters. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you it's one of the most wonderful places we've stayed anywhere anytime. - Portland, Oregon
The peace and serenity provided a very relaxing atmosphere. The hot tub, stars and the sound of the rain on the roof helped too. Your pride of workmanship really shows. - Mesa, Arizona
Thank you so very much for letting me experience your beautiful cottage. The creativity and thought which went into decorating it lend to the pleasure of staying in it. One of my favoite memories will be of sitting on the bench on the patio in the mornings, listening to the birds and taking in the beautiful plants in the yard. - Salt Lake City, Utah
The Maid's Quarters is so welcoming and accommodating. The quarters and environs are a place for the romantic, the adventurer, and alike the seeker of tranquility. - Bellingham, Washington
This place is very special! All the touches make one feel right at home. We have stayed in B&Bs all around the States and Europe and find your place second to none. - Freehold, New Jersey
I like this house! It is cool. I really like the wood burning stove and the fireplace in the bedroom. I also like the hot tub outside and the bed in the livingroom. I'd like to come back sometime. - Kailua, Oahu
We have delighted all 5 senses here in your lovely tropical hideaway! If this is truly how the Maid lives, I may consider changing jobs! - Scottsdale, Arizona
This was the first stop on our honeymoon, and the other places we are staying will have a lot to live up to! Thanks for all the great advice and recommendations for hikes. We truly enjoyed the park. - Annapolis, Maryland
Great place! Fabulous running trails! We really enjoyed the hospitality and the local info. Hope to be back soon. - Cooper Landing, Alaska
Your place is really wonderful. We had a great time exploring this wonderful island. The hiking was great and the lava display at night was truly incredible! - Foster City, California
What a wonderful place to stay. The setting and accommodations are beautiful. This is the only place we have ever stayed where the properties are even better in person that they appear on the web site. - Durham, North Carolina
Thanks for the wonderful stay. Comfortable, great fireplace and very relaxing. The volcano was awesome and it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be 10 feet away from the lava. - Cambridge, Massachusets
Comments from Hauanani House guest book:
Many thanks for your hospitality and the effort you have made to make this place so wonderful. I have been working and visiting Volcano for years, but Haunani House has brought the experience to a whole new level. It's a place to think, work, cook, play, rest and write. This place has a uniquely warm feel. - Stanford University
Mahalo so much for letting us stay in your lovely home. I love the tiles in the bathrooms, expecially the turtles. I love the couches, they're so nice and comfortable. I love the pictures hanging on the walls and I love the beds, but especially I love the stuffed animals -- I named the cat Amber and the dog Max. - Oahu, Hawaii
You guys have created a beautiful piece of paradise here, the house is "awesome" - beautiful wood, tile, decorating, and very comfortable (especially the jacuzzi tub) it is very hard to leave. - Kona, Hawaii
This is the nicest little house! - Dallas, Texas
We really enjoyed our stay in the Haunani House. We were all impressed with the thought and care you put in to make every room very unique, down to the last detail! All your hard work paid off ... it's a real "showpiece".
What charming accommodations! I found this home very relaxing to my soul. - San Francisco, California
That's a nice lovely little house, very quiet and giving the feeling of safetiness. - Poland
Your home was a joyous place to be and my sense of artist's joy increased 100 fold by seeing your tender loving care to detail in this guest house. - Edmonds, Washington
Fortune smiled on us when we found this beautiful home -- Mahalo!!
Came and stayed a few days - not nearly long enough at your fine home. We celebrate life, love, and happiness in a home that encourages and supports all of the above.
Our desperately-needed vacation is finally here and your house is so incredible that we have trouble leaving for our travels each day.
We cannot thank you enough for your gracious hospitality. The house is decorated beautifully, you have a gift! It was a perfect touch for a perfect week to have such a comfortable house to come back to! - Michigan
I had powerful dreams in this house, drenched with symbolism like the lava-ladened mountains of Vocano. Honesty, love and granolas live here. We must thank Madam Pele & Todd for their gracious hospitality. The majesty, spirituality & mana of this island are very powerful. - West Hollywood, California
Ahhh, to return to paradise here in Volcano Village is beyond wonderful. This beautiful abode served us well. I have found a place that I passionately love here, and a place where I just plug in my battery by sitting in the yard listening to the birds. - Oahu, Hawaii
Comments from Io's Nest guest book:
Without words.