One of our guests was trapped by heavy fog at the lip of the volcano one night. This poem is a result of his experience.


Pu'u 'O'o is deceiving, her white cloud drifting gently

I wonder, is she sleeping

But climbing higher she is wide awake, hard at work
concealing a fiery drama deep in her bosom

She tolerated my presence for an evening
revealing her secrets through billowing steam clouds
dazzling me with angry hissing and cracking rock
pounding waves and crashing avalanches
shattering glass and blasting explosions

She is relentless, her hot breath searing

She toys with the landscape, alters the sky
does what she pleases

She is violent, yet beautiful, moody and mysterious

I was sometimes terrified, unable to look away

I, too, spent the night wide awake

She will be impossible to forget...

by Chick Alsop