Io's Nest
A Spectacular Hamakua Coast Hideaway

Io's Nest, Hawaii Big Island vacation getaway on Hamakua Coast

Mindful not to put all of our assets on an active volcano, Volcano Hideaways' newest vacation home is in a dramatically different location, above the town of Papa'aloa in the foothills of the dormant Mauna Kea Volcano. Situated on the Big Island's Hamakua Coast, at a warm and breezy 1200ft elevation, Io's Nest has an ocean view so expansive that you'll swear you can see the curvature of the earth.

Io's Nest is named for the endangered Hawaiian hawk, the 'Io (pronounced E.O.) who makes his home in the area, and whose flight can be observed almost daily in the skies above the house. Io's Nest sits fairly isolated from any neighbors, in the middle of a 15 acre hillside parcel whose borders on the left and right are deep gulches carved by flowing streams.

Kitchen in Io's Nest
Central Dome in Io's Nest
Central Dome
Living Area in Io's Nest
Living Area

Io's Nest is off the grid, generating its own electricity from solar panels on the roof. All neighboring properties also generate their own power, utilizing solar and wind, so there is not a single power line to sully the view. Rainwater is caught in a catchment tank upslope from the house, and gravity fed on demand. Water is also heated on demand as it passes through a pilot-less propane water heater that ignites using the pressure of the flowing water. The temperature at the house is usually lovely, with no need for a heater or air conditioner, which are, anyway, not present. There is no television or internet access, but cell phone reception is available for some carriers.

Back Porch in Io's Nest
Bathroom in Io's Nest
Dining Area in Io's Nest
Dining Area
Bed in Io's Nest
Sleeping Area

Io's Nest is a 12-sided structure with many large windows and a domed central skylight. The home features an open floor plan, with one queen-sized bed, a full kitchen with refrigerator, stove and oven, and living and dining areas. In a separate room is a generous-sized bathroom with tub and shower. The property features three fruit orchards, a coffee orchard, and a network of meandering paths through the many diverse plants, trees, and flowers. There are also two donkeys who make their home here. In one of the bordering gulches, accessed through a hidden trail, is a stunning little swimming hole beneath a waterfall.

Plants at Io's Nest
Swimming Hole near Io's Nest
Waterfall / Swimming Hole
Donkeys at Io's Nest

Access to the property is on paved roads, with the exception of the final stretch leading to the property gate (approx. 1/4 mile) and the long palm-lined driveway from the gate to the house. Because these two segments can be difficult during heavy rains, it will be necessary for guests to rent a Jeep or other vehicle with high clearance and good maneuverability. Guests must plan to arrive during daylight hours, as there are no street lights or road signs to help you find your way. Todd will be there to greet you and to familiarize you with the house and property.

A warning note from Todd: This property is not for the faint-hearted. It is isolated. It is dark at night. You may hear gunshots. You may hear wild pigs fighting. You will see bugs. If it's cloudy, the solar system may not fully charge -- power here is not unlimited. You must be vigilant. You must conserve!
No wimps. Adventurers only.

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Rate is $200.00 per night for single or double occupancy.
Total capacity is 2 people.
3 night minimum.
Rate does not include tax (add 13.25% State Transient and Excise taxes)
No additional or hidden costs
No Smoking Indoors -- Smoking on Outside Decks Only
Cancellation Policy: Full refund of deposit up to 2 months prior to reservation.
No refund within 2 months of reservation.

Call Todd for reservations at (808) 936-3382
If no response, call (808) 985-8959

or e-mail him at
Todd responds promptly to all emails.
Due to receiving volumes of junk mail, we are forced to employ aggressive spam filters that do make mistakes.
If you don't receive a reply within 24 hours, please call.

Send post to Todd Marohnic, P.O. Box 611, Volcano, Hawaii, 96785
Checks are made out to "Volcano Hideaways"

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